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Luna Obscura
Luna Obscura
Luna Obscura
Стили к которым можно отнести исполнителя: Рок, Живое исполнение, Метал, Женский вокал, Дет-метал, Прогрессив , Женский вокал, Gothic, Atmospheric, Дум метал, Melodic, Melodic death metal, Female vocals, Alternative metal, Rock n roll, Check out, Melodic metal, Gothic metal, Goth, Этереал, Heavy, Female fronted metal, Symphonic metal, Symphonic, Brutal
Originally formed in 2000 in Serrai, Greece. Luna Obscura’s vision has always been to create a mixture of Heavy, Atmospheric, Melodic and yet above all challenging music. In May 2004, LO released their first demo album under the name “Darcanda”. Produced and mixed by Steve Dickins and Dimitris Papachristos at STV Studios. Received great reviews from numerous European Metal Magazines and soon Enclave Records proposed “With My Demons I’ll Celebrate My Fall” to be feautured in their compilation cd.

Two years later, the self funded EP “Evilyn” came out in February 2007. Two songs in decent production which were used for promotional purposes as long as the band tried to end up with the recordings and production of the album.
On December 2008 LO released their first full length album under the name “Feltia”. Edited and mixed at 210 Studios (Berlin) and STV Studios (Greece) with producers Stamos Koliousis and Steve Dickins and mastered at Finnvox Studios (Finland) by Mika Jussila.(To Die For, Nightwish, Moonspell, Children Of Bodom, Sonata Arctica, Amorphis, Apocalyptica etc.)

“Feltia”, a mind trick pun (Feel – Fall - Fault) defines the human psychic situation when melancholically and emotionally charged. Lyrically inspired from human psychology, moments in everyday life, people’s behavioural feelings along side with avant-garde poetry and enochian chants. Including 11 powerfull trakcs featuring guest appearance by Andy Giolmas (Mencea, Nebora) and Steve Dickins (STV Studios).

The album artworks were made by Zilas (Bloodcult Zine). The official Luna Obscura Logos & Symbols, web design & photography were made by Gogo Melone for MEL DESIGN ( Theodore Ziras, Bob Katsionis, Into The Woods, Black Thoughts Bleeding etc.).
With the dark, aggressive Harsh male vocal passages and the wonderful, romantic but still powerful female vocals, the drama of the keyboard melodies with the dynamic, heavy riffs… LO’s music easily walks into the deepest and obscure fears, nightmares and dreamscapes. The eternal dance between love and hate when the beauty finds “Death”!