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Arcane Grail
Arcane Grail
Arcane Grail
Стили к которым можно отнести исполнителя: Живое исполнение, Метал, Дет-метал, Чёрный-метал, Металкор, Gothic, Melodic, Melodic death metal, Gothic metal, Female fronted metal, Symphonic metal, Death, Melodic black metal, Symphonic black metal
Moscow Order of Arcane Grail is founded in December of 2001 year Anno Bastardi. We play Symphonic Extreme Metal Art. Elixir of melodic black, gothic-doom and Swedish melodic death metal with male and female vocals.
The Sense of the Order’s title consists in the aspiration to some mysterious ideal, which is de rigueur on a Way of search of Spiritual Perfection. The acquisition of Grail grants the divine force and wisdom. Mythological image of Grail itself is connected with a bowl, in which the blood of Jesus Christ was assembled after his crucifixion. The Order has no christian orientation, but We are Knights of New Era of Aquarius.
Assembled by aryerarch Demether Grail, the Order has a stable war-corps of six musicians now: singers, hexastringer, quadristringer, drummer and pianist. The Order tourneys basically with domestic bands, but there was one joint performance with legendary Austrian death-metal horde Pungent Stench. Arcane Grail was creating debut full-length album in the best Russian record-studio DAI-Records with producer Evgeniy Vinogradov (albums of Catharsis, E.S.T., Butterfly Temple, Forgive-Me-Not, Pagan Reign and others) in the time from August 2004 to March 2005 A.B. The album «Mysteries Of Ancient Charnel» describes about the events which have occurred in the first half of XVIIth century in German district Schwarzwald, where inadvertently insurgent from a tomb by spells of witches, the shelterless spirit of Ostrogothic king Ermanarih (real historical person died per 376 year AB) makes evil deeds, which should be untangled by envoy of fading monastic order.
3 August 2006 through Musica Production label – our debut album «Mysteries of the Ancient Charnel» was released. And album began active sales and rumours throughout this sublunar world. The Order has distribution in USA owing to Taliesin Records and Indigo Tunes, The Netherlands and Belgium through HDG Productions.
6 April of 2007 Arcane Grail had the memorable concert with famous Italian symphonic black metal horde Graveworm, in Moscow club «Tochka».
From July 2008 to November 2008 AB the Order of Arcane Grail was recording the second album “Arya Marga” at KIV-Records with magician Igor Korolyov. After the mastering in January 2009 we’ve signed the contract with Musica Production again to release the album at Russia.
3 May of 2009 on Bealtaine the “Arya Marga – Ninefold Path to the Innocence” was unleashed. New album is conceptual like the previous one. There are nine hymns – nine ways of Vedic knowledge and Weltanschauung, leading the men to Enlightenment. After the presentation of an album Arcane Grail has reordered the circle, fired Eugen, Kir, Anastasia and Alexander. New pantheonium is.
In April of 2010 year album «Arya Marga» was released by English label Ravenheart Music and digital-label Hunter’s Moon Records for next portals:

In January-February of 2011 year Arcane Grail was in Baltic Tour through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland with Estonian melodic death metal band Ceremonial Perfection and saint-petersburgian epic metal band Trelleborg.
Now the band is preparing the music for third full-length album.

Current line-up:
Demether Grail - vocals
Natalie - vocals
Alamar - bass
Adison - guitar
Tymon - keyboards
Alexandr - drums


Arcane Grail — российская музыкальная группа, играющая в смешанном стиле симфоник-блэк-метал/мелодик-дэт-метал. Основана в Москве, в декабре 2001-го года вокалистом Деметром.

Дебютный альбом «Mysteries of the Ancient Charnel», вышедший в августе 2006-го года на московском независимом лейбле Musica Production, был записан на известной московской звукозаписывающей студии «ДАЙ-Рекордз» звукорежиссёром Евгением Виноградовым (альбомы Catharsis, Butterfly Temple, Bonie Nem, Forgive-Me-Not, Pagan Reign).

Стиль музыки Arcane Grail характеризуется эклектичным слиянием sympho black metal, melodic death metal и doom metal со всеми разновидностями мужских и женских вокалов в рок- и классической музыке.

Альбом «Mysteries of the Ancient Charnel» лирически концептуален, тексты связаны общей легендой о пробудившемся в начале XVII века в горах немецкой земли Шварцвальд готском короле Германрихе (268-378), придуманной вокалистом Деметром.

Второй альбом «Arya Marga - Ninefold Path to the Innocence» был выпущен 1 мая 2009 года на лейбле Musica Production. В апреле 2010-го года альбом бы выпушен в ифровом формате на английском лейбле Hunter’s Moon Records и доступен на ITunes, Code 7, Amazon, Bandcamp.

Группа Arcane Grail известна своими красочными концертными представлениями в рок-клубах Москвы и России.

В июне 2010-го года Натали стала вокалисткой немецкой symphonic gothic metal группы Coronatus.

В январе-феврале 2011 года группа провела Baltic Tour по Эстонии, Латвии, Литве и Польше с эстонской melodic death metal группой Ceremonial Perfection и санкт-петербуржской epic metal группой Trelleborg.

Текущий состав (Line-up):
Demether (Skylord; ex- Chaos Alter) — vocals (2001-)
Natalie (Coronatus; session singer of Shadow Host, Stigmatic Chorus) — vocals (2004-)
Adison (Skylord, Autumn Woods) - guitars (2010-)
Alamar (ex- Skylord) - bass (2009-)
Tymon (Avercage) - keyboards (2010-)

Alexandr (Невидь, Kartikeya) - session drums (2010-)